Seeing Red Movie In Italian Dubbed Download

Seeing Red Movie In Italian Dubbed Download

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Willow and Tara wallow in their togetherness, but things aren't as happy everywhere else. Buffy has to face both Xander and Spike, whilst tracking Warren and Company to foil their next move.

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original title: Seeing Red

genge: Action,Drama,Fantasy,Romance



duration: 42min



keywords: colorinepisodetitle, colourinepisodetitle, twowordepisodetitle, attemptedrape, deathofrecurringcharacter, gay, kiss, returningcharacterkilledoff, lesbiankiss















































Willow e Tara sguazzano nella loro unione, ma le cose non sono felici ovunque. Buffy deve affrontare sia Xander che Spike, mentre insegue Warren and Company per sventare la loro prossima mossa. 鏤